Dr Eduardo Oliveira

Position [current]:

英雄联盟S10冠军内幕Lecturer, , , Australia.

Research Fellow, , , Australia.


Position [previous]:

英雄联盟S10冠军内幕Postdoctoral Research Fellow, , , Australia. 2014-2016.

Senior System Engineer and Technical Consultant, (Recife Center for Advanced Studies and Systems), Brazil. 2004-2016.

Senior Lecturer, Catholic University of Pernambuco (), Brazil. 2011-2014.


Ph.D. in Computer Science, , Brazil. 2013.

M.Sc. in Computer Science, , Brazil. 2008.

B.Sc. in Computer Science, , Brazil. 2005.

Contact details:

Level 6, Doug McDonell Building.英雄联盟S10冠军内幕 The University of Melbourne - Australia.

Email: eduardo.oliveira@unimelb.edu.au


英雄联盟S10冠军内幕I am a Lecturer in the School of Computing and Information Systems and a Research Fellow in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. I was previously a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of Computing and Information Systems and, a Visiting Researcher at the Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces.

英雄联盟S10冠军内幕I hold Masters and PhD in Computer Science from Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil) and a Bachelor in Computer Science from the Catholic University of Pernambuco (Brazil). My areas of expertise are in natural language processing, intelligent agents, learning analytics, machine learning, context-awareness and prediction applied to eLearning.

英雄联盟S10冠军内幕Parallel to my research, I have worked for 12 years as a Senior System Engineer and Technical Consultant at CESAR, awarded two times as the most Innovative IT Institute in Brazil, researching/leading/developing for Motorola, Samsung, Compal Electronics and Gemalto international projects.


(Google CS Educator PD - Australia) Eduardo Oliveira, Kylie McColl, Andrew Turpin. Funding 2018. The University of Melbourne - Australia. Funding; $10,000.

(MNSI - Australia英雄联盟S10冠军内幕) Project MyCampus. Tom Kvan, Fernando Koch, Michael Kirley, Jan Dethlefs, Eduardo Oliveira. Seed Funding 2017. MNSI - Australia. Funding; $40,000.

(McCoy - Australia) Learning reflections: Designing interventions to promote learning in museums. Gregor Kennedy, Cameron Hocking, Eduardo Araujo Oliveira, Paula de Barba, Kristine Elliot, Ben Cleveland. The University of Melbourne and Museum Victoria, McCoy Project. Funding; $20,000. From Jan 2017 to Dec 2017.


  • Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Context Awareness, Recommendation Systems, Intelligent Tutoring Systems.
  • eLearning: LMS, MOOC, Learning Analytics, Assessment, IRT.
  • Smart and Playable Cities: Middleware/Platform, interoperability
  • Software Engineering: Software Architecture Design and Development, Mobile Development, Open Source Software.


  • (The University of Melbourne) - Australia
    • The Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces is a place of interdisciplinary research for creating and understanding innovative interfaces that facilitate human communication, collaboration and social interaction. From May/2014 to Jul/2016.

  • (The University of Melbourne/Melbourne City Council) - Australia
    • Encounters brings art, technology and people together in a weekly outdoor interactive digital art space in the VCA Courtyard throughout the 2015 SummerSalt Festival. From Oct/2014 to Feb/2015.

  • (The University of Melbourne/Melbourne Museums) - Australia

英雄联盟S10冠军内幕 From Jan/2017 to Aug/2018.

  • (Watershed/Porto Digital) - UK/Brazil
    • Recife: The Playable City was an initiative that brought together creative practitioners from Pernambuco (Brazil) and the UK, to exchange ideas and develop new works that respond to the theme of The Playable City. It is produced by Watershed and run in collaboration with Brazilian Technology Park Porto Digital and the British Council. From Jan/2014 to Apr/2014.